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There’s been a slight lack of posts recently. Mainly because I’ve been away and not shooting. I turned 50 and that meant a hell of a lot of drunken shenanigans. Looking forward to getting back into the studio this weekend. In the meantime here’s some more from the last shoot of 2019 with Georgia at Ark.
Do you get frustrated that you don’t have lots of lighting options to hand? Maybe you only have a window to use. Well all these images have one thing in common. They were taken at the same window and I just moved G backwards and forwards and walked around her.

In the first she was moved forwards and turned to the window until the shadow fell in a Rembrandt pattern across her face. I then moved to the right so that she was silhouetted against the window. I then got her to take a step back so that she had the brick behind her and it was the edge of light hitting her. Spot metering for the highlights means the shadows are deep and the highlights are defining her features.
Finally I turned her to face the window, I stood with my back to it and the light is just gorgeous.
If all you’ve got is a window walk around it, see the light and learn to use it in as many different ways as possible.
Experiment, have a go.

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