Shoot the Street Part 1

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Sunday was all about selecting locations and seeing the light in the streets around Ark. Shooting on location fashion using ambient light and off camera flash.

I loved this set because I could maximise the impact of shooting on shallow depth of field and also manipulate the ambient light a little.

The sun was shining from camera left and so if I positioned Georgia further back she would be in full shade given by the black shuttered building. By moving her forward a little she hit the brighter light coming around the edge of that building causing her to pop out of the background which was thrown out of focus by shooting at f1.8 on an 85mm lens and full frame camera. This centres attention on Georgia and allowed her to explore a range of poses in that great light. I picked a moment when the sun was behind cloud so it wasn’t intense bright sunshine but still brighter than the light to the side of the shutter.

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