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A little Lighting exploration for this Monday morning and I hope it gives you some ideas if you’re shooting this weekend. All of these were shot using the same softbox and flash head.
The set as a whole prove my maxim that you need to move yourself, your subject and your light source relative to them in order to maximise the possibilities of any one set up.
The first two show the basic starting position of most portrait lighting. 45 degrees to the subject, light set higher and angled down a little with about 6 feet of separation. It’s nice light but not the most creative portrait in the world. Moving that light in closer in the third image makes for a much darker image and creates greater shadows to define the subject.
Move it closer still and angle it to prevent spill onto the background and you get an almost black backdrop and deep shadowing on the face.
Move again to put the light behind the subject and you start to develop rim lighting.
One more movement and the light is directly behind the subject and becomes the backdrop itself for a pure white, or blended, look.
If you’ve only one light and feel frustated at the creative possibilities then get moving and you’ll be amazed at what you can create.

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