International Women’s Day 2019

It’s International Women’s Day today and a good opportunity for me to celebrate five women who, as we move ever closer to the official opening of the new studio, and therefore a new chapter in my life, are essential members of the Team. Finding the right members of the team isn’t easy. Looks aren’t everything, character is. All of these wonderful women bring something of their own unique character to the team and to the shoots they work with me. They inspire and support me and I can only hope I do something of the same for them. People often criticise women involved in the industry as merely pretty faces and bodies, manipulated by the patriarchy to fulfil a stereotype. If this is any part of your thought process then I’d invite you to talk to any of these strong, independently minded women and come to understand their world. It’s an honour to call them my team members, equals and above all, friends. 

Thank you Georgina, Astou, Holly, Charlie and Georgia #StrongWomen

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