Code of Ethics

As we get closer to the opening of Ark it’s worth revisiting the Code of Ethics we first published in 2015 but still stands strong today. If you attend any event there, or with me on tour, then we expect you to adhere to the standards and be held to account if you fail to […]

Art Nude Workshop – Delegates View

I’m deeply proud of the workshops I provide and love seeing the moments of learning and recognition throughout the day and finally the images produced. Last week we ran the art nude workshop featuring model, Charlie. Here are the views, and images of delegate Geoff Harman. Book your training at ‘My first ever Art/Nude […]

Ark – The Start

Last Summer, this is how Ark looked. The ceilings had been pulled down, walls stripped back and all manner of demolition done to bring it to life. When you visit us, keep this look in mind and realise just how far we’ve come in a short time.

Special Lighting FX

Brand New Workshop, hot off the press. Ever wanted to know how to shoot with Gels, Gobo’s, Mixed Lighting, Smoke, Water, Bodypaint and all manner of goodies? Well allow Georgina and I to guide you through. Six places only to book your place

Light Shoot Print

This will be the first Weekend Workshop at the new Ark so be part of history and join us in Birmingham. Arrivals on Friday night. Join us in the pub for a pint and a bite to eat and get to know the delegates. On Saturday we’ll spend a full day in the studio. We […]

Retouching on YouTube

I often do little videos of my own retouching techniques. I enjoy doing them and will keep posting them but they are not a shadow on this guy. I love his style and the ideas he puts across. Look and Learn with Pix Imperfect