Borderline Boudoir

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2 thoughts on “Borderline Boudoir

  1. Seriously big subject and I suspect why it has been avoided? So , stepping into the breach… There is a complete range of images from Boudoir to glamour in this set. And, to be fair to Isla, having shot with her, she can do the whole range. She can shift the mood and genre with her eyes and expression alone so its very difficult to pin down. To me, boudoir is all about pose and Lingerie, but Im no expert. Hands between the legs shifts it to another genre for me. I wouldn’t say Erotic necessarily but certainly Glamour. For me, boudoir is about keeping the model looking very attractive to not only the person who is paying for the image, but to someone who would like to own the image. If that makes sense! Its a great set of images and Isla, as always, looks amazing. She turns up, looks great, and makes looking great seem so easy.
    Does this help at all?

    1. It really does help and yes agreed. Small shifts in pose can put an entirely different angle on a set of images. Cheers Kenn

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