Birmingham Beckons

Away to the city this morning for some hot and dirty action in the studio!

Let me explain.

Some readers may be aware that the Ark flooded at the start of the year and since then has been unavailable to shoot in.

That started us looking for new premises and Glen has worked wonders in identifying and securing the use of a new place. It needs some work doing to it and so far that has fallen to Glen and our friend Jez. Today I have no further excuses about being abroad and so am on my way for a day of labouring and dust. To say we’re excited about the new place is an understatement. We’ll bring further news when it starts looking shipshape but by the Autumn we’ll have a brand new home and be ready¬† to receive visitors. Who will book the first 121?

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  1. Wishing you good luck and hope the work progresses quickly and smoothly.

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